Association of Online Investment Platforms


Association of Online Investment Platforms Issues Policy Paper Recommending Improvements to Crowdfunding Rules

June 26, 2019, The Association of Online Investment Platforms (AOIP) has published a series of policy recommendations encouraging Congress to act and improve the online capital formation marketplace by fixing existing flaws in crowdfunding rules.

The AOIP is a newer advocacy group formed in the last year. The founding members consist of several of the most prominent crowdfunding platforms in the US. Inaugural members include SeedInvest, Republic, Microventures, and NextSeed. The group hopes that, over time, other industry participants will join in their message of facilitating capital formation for promising early-stage firms and small businesses all across America, while providing solid investment opportunities not just for the rich, but everyone.

The AOIP’s mission is to build a sustainable online investment industry that democratizes finance for everyone.

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Alex Cox-Cuzzi